Rabbits Require Rights (Scotland) Scottish Registered Charity No: SC044268
Raising awareness & education alongside offering advice & support towards the betterment of (pet) rabbit welfare by promoting RWAF beliefs, standards & educational information.

Despite being the third most popular pets in Britain, rabbits are the
MOST neglected domestic pet.

Here at Rabbits Require Rights (Scotland) we aim to be the voice for our silent sufferers.

Please support us & add your voice to the growing problem of neglect & help us improve Welfare legislation to give them similar rights as our Cats & Dogs whilst tackling unregulated breeding & sales.

We carry out regular awareness events and have a seat on the Scottish Parliament's Cross Party Group on Animal Welfare. In addition to this we are also stakeholders with the Scottish Government's Animal Welfare Division as a much needed voice for our most neglected pets, Rabbits.

Additionally we are proud to have as our Charity Patron, Scotland's only Small Mammal Veterinary Specialist, Elisabetta Mancinelli DVM, CertZooMEd, ECZM Dipl (Small Mammals), MRCVS.

Elisabetta curenltly practises at a newly formed Veterinary group which serves both Kirkcaldy & Dunfermline, Albavet Exotics Service.

We have an online petition for the implementation of (Pet) Rabbit specific welfare laws which ends of 10th April 2015. Anyone in the world can sign so please take a moment to add your support & share around your friends & family!

Additionally myself with the help of some very brave friends will be taking part in a couple of Hare Raising Events over the Easter (2015) Holiday Weekend, one of which is a rather daring Bun-gee Jump at Killiecrankie Highland Fling, nr Pitlochry on Sunday 5th Apr. Eeekk!

Please sponsor us if you can - we are not brave bunnies we are just hopping mad & want to see much needed change & legislative improvements for (pet) Rabbit Welfare.
Rabbits Require Rights advocate ADOPTION from rescue, with over an estimated 67,000 rabbits passing through our UK rescues in 2012 alone (this figure DOES NOT include those re-homed through other means, classified adverts etc, or simply 'set free' in the wild, an immediate death sentence for domestic rabbits!) you are helping numerous animals find the loving home they sorely deserve.

One, you are helping the rabbit(s) you just adopted but also those in need by opening up space in our already overcrowded rescue centres to numerous other rabbits in need.

It also makes more financial sense - any good rescue will not only vaccinate but neuter the rabbits in their care prior to re-homing them in addition to having full a health check carried out on each animal to ensure that, as far as possible, any health problems have been found or treated.

With an adoption fee ranging from around £60+ per animal that is a BIG saving for the pet owner.

Think about it

Buy a rabbit - approx £30 each?
Vaccinate - approx £40+
Neuter - Male £70+, female £90+

Straight away you save, not just money but lives!!

to find your nearest rescue search online via Rabbit Rehome or Rescue Review

Or use Vodafone's Just Text Giving service to donate

simply type in the code BUNS00
(that's BUNS followed by double zero)

with your chosen amount
e.g. £1/£5/£10 to 70070


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